Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do you require an application?
A: No.   Potential tenants must be qualified to live in BYU approved housing.  All tenants will be asked to sign a legal binding contract.

Q: Do I have to pay utilities?
A: Tenants are only responsible for gas & electric. 

Q: Do you have available parking?
A: Yes, we have both free and reserved parking.  Reserved covered parking is $150 for the entire year.  

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes, we require a $200 dollar deposit for Fall/Winter & $100 for Spring/Summer. 

Q: What are your current rent rates?
A: Please refer to the pricing guide located on the Photos page.

Q: What is your rent payment schedule?  
A: Rent is paid monthly & is due on the 1st day of the month.

Q: Do you accept online payments?
A: No.  Due to the high fees associated with online payment processing we currently do not accept online payment.  This allows us to keep our rent rates lower.  Payment can be made with cash or check through the rent drop box.

Q: Are your apartments in a safe area?
A: Yes.  We have had virtually no problem with crime in our area.  However, we always encourage our tenants to exercise good judgement to keep safe.  

Q: Do you require renter's insurance?  
A: No.  However, some type of insurance coverage is highly recommended.  Any damage to personal property not at the negligence of the landlord is not the responsibility of the landlord.  In addition, the tenant may be liable for damage caused by his/her negligence.

Alpine Apartments has recently sold our Squire, Alpine, and Manor House properties.  We still have a property located on 420 North just blocks south of campus.  The home is BYU approved for 4 men upstairs and a married couple downstairs.  Fall-Winter rent is $260/month for individual contracts and the couple housing in the basement is $400/month.  Rent is reduced during Summer.  Please call Jack at 801-420-4442 if you are interested in signing a contract.  

For other BYU approved off campus housing check out the following link: